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* (TLDR)

At the time of writing this (September 2021) I have been on a low carb diet for three years. In the very first week of this adventure my increasingly out of control blood sugar levels were brought under control enough to stop taking slow release insulin.

I had been a literal basket case hiding in my caravan, getting heavier and heavier, unable to even exercise while waiting to die.

I weighed 134 Kg (nearly 300lbs) and was being hospitalised regularly due to a host of complications due to heart disease and diabetes. I had a quadruple heart bypass (CABG) in 2009 and one of the bypasses was now completely blocked. I was suffering from a recurring atrial flutter, thyroid problems, Type 2 Diabetes, eye problems, severe headaches, brain fog, etc.

It had become so bad I had even lost my driver's licence.

How about now, three years later?

I am now 95Kg (209lbs), have regained my driver's license, my HbA1c at under 7 without any diabetes medication at all and I can even walk to the top of the hill to the shops in about 10minutes where 3 years ago it took me 45mins and several pumps of the sublingual GTN pumpspray. I still have to sit down and catch my breath at the top but I don't feel that I am on the verge of dialling 000 (911). It has taken 3 years so far but now I am just a sick person who is still unable to work full time. Even though it looks like it when compared to traditional medical interventions, low carb/healthy fat lifestyle isn't magic and much of the damage, especially to my heart and my arteries, by following the official dietary guidelines is done (low saturated fat/low salt/high carbohydrate) which are based in religion and ideology, NOT science). I am very happy though that I am no longer at such a high risk of dropping off the perch at any given moment.

Though it all sounds dramatic and believe me it has transformed my life, I have taken it slow. I worked hand-in-hand with my doctors until they could take no more due to the cognitive dissonance caused by the current popular narrative, despite the overwhelming evidence from my blood tests and body measurements proving that it was working.

I looked around for a doctor who at least had an open mind and was happy to supervise my journey and help me to at least not make things worse by just stopping medications without understanding what I was doing.

This process has made things progress very slowly (in my mind) but I am stable and getting ready to up it a notch.

I had tried Atkins previously with no success at all and felt that it was simply a malicious form of self abuse developed by a clever fiend. Now I know that wasn't the case but I feel he fell for the despicable lie that fat is bad for you so it is virtually no different than a starvation diet in practical terms. Certainly not for me so I formulated my own way of eating. I don't like the term "diet" as I was raised by a doctor father and a nurse mother and reckon that I had been on EVERY diet know to man and every form of "healthy eating". As a result I was a chubby kid and always had trouble with my weight. But back to the present. I had a Samsung Galaxy and am no stranger to technology so I used the Samsung Health app on my phone, not for guidance but for tracking my food intake in regards to macronutrients and total calories and aimed at 20-20-60 (carb-protein-fat) as opposed to the standard diet (60-20-20). With those ratios I found it impossible to eat more than 2200 KCal/day, usually it was more like 1900. It soon became apparent to me that I had no need whatsoever to attempt to restrict my calories and stopped worrying about them. I just made sure that I just made absolutely sure that I had NO MORE than 20% carbs at any time, EVER. Purists might say that I'm doing it wrong but I say that the figures don't lie and I find this the easiest thing in the world to stick to. Now that I have mostly stabilised my condition I can look at more specific ways to improve it but as a heart patient who was rushed to hospital due to having a heart attack from getting upset over the commentary while watching an episode of "A Current Affair", it has to all be "easy goes" and "no worries" and "steady steady". So far I can say that I have a new life because of it.

PS. Don't fall for any merchandise or schemes associated with "low carb" or "keto". There is absolutely NO need to purchase any particular goods or products. Beware of scammers. It is more about what you DON'T eat rather than what you should eat.
That being said, there are several great programmes of mutual support or medical supervision that you can avail yourself of that can help you sustain the transition to this lifestyle.

This is NOT a fad. Just stop following the "healthy plate" and "food pyramid" guidelines and eat as much animal products that you want. Fat is NOT bad for you but vegetable and seed oils are VERY, VERY BAD for your health. We now have real knowledge on this subject, based on real empirical science, rather than the religious-based, pseudo scientific beliefs that came from dietetics (Seventh Day Adventist) and veganism among others.
The religious nature of beliefs around what you can, can't or should eat has been going on since the dawn of time. Even the first recorded murder grew out of religious dietary differences. Cain the grain grower (carb eater) killed the shepherd Abel (animal eater) and the plant-based people have monetised and politicised and weaponised it ever since. Are you looking forward to eating the bugs and artificial meats and other things they have planned for us?

Let's stick to the actual science shall we, and not the political science, especially when it comes to making laws about what we should and should not eat.

Lastly, if you find this all a bit hard to swallow (pun intended) then please don't get offended, don't outsource your thinking to ideologically possessed radicals but before you judge, do your own research instead and then come to your own understanding.